TV4ed2k:: FAQ


Q: What is this all about?

A: We at TV4ed2k try to release TV shows to the eDonkey (ed2k) network. We spread English language TV shows, past or present, airing (or aired) in the US, UK, Canada or Australia. The main page lists the last 200 releases, divided into current (bold, aired last two days) and less recent shows.

Q: What's this RSS thing?

A: RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication", read more about it here. We provide you with a feed of the same list of links that can be found on the main page. This way you don't have to fire up your browser and stop by at our site to be notified about new releases. But you should visit us from time to time, there might be something new waiting just for you. ;)


Q: Why don't you cap my favourite show?

A: TV4ed2k caps no shows, we only distribute to ed2k. The shows are capped by scene release groups over whom TV4ed2k has no control (or communication with).

Q: Why don't you distribute my favourite show... I know it was capped!

A: Sometimes there simply aren't enough releasers to spread all of the scene releases for one day. Priorities have to be made and we basically focus on non-reality TV shows.

Q: Why do some episodes from a series get distributed, but not all?

A: As was already mentioned above, TV4ed2k caps no shows. We also have to rely on what scene groups provide and sometimes they capture some episodes but not others. Unfortunately there is nothing TV4ed2k can do about that.

Q: Can I request a show?

A: No. But rest assured, we'll cover most of the popular stuff sooner or later.

Q: What about older shows?

A: You can find a huge list of shows that have been released to ed2k in the MoTV-DB (chm file), which can be downloaded for offline browsing. Look for the ed2k link in the main menu. This DB will receive constant updates every other month, with cumulative update-files in between. Older shows, which get freshly released to ed2k, can be found in the lower section of the main page and will eventually find their way into the DB.


Q: Why doesn't anything happen when I click on a link on the webpage or inside the MoTV-DB?

A: For the links to work you need an ed2k client installed on your system. We at TV4ed2k recommend using eMule (client for Windows) or aMule (client for Linux). For other systems please refer to corresponding sources.

Q: Why do you have two copies of a show on the site?

A: One of the shows is probably a REPACK, or a PROPER. These are released when the first release had a flaw. Most of the time we try to exchange bad links for good ones, though, to provide you with the best possible quality. For many popular shows you may also find two versions, both the HDTV and the 720p.

Q: The file I downloaded is bad, why haven't you released a PROPER version?

A: One of two reasons. Either the scene has not released a PROPER version, or TV4ed2k has declined to release it. TV4ed2k endeavours to release propers when the original file has a significant problem, but if a proper is for a technicality or a very minor glitch (such as 5 seconds of commercials left in) then it may be decided the bandwidth is more valuable elsewhere.

Q: I don't like ed2k, can't I just download straight from your site or channel?

A: No, you can't! TV4ed2k is purely an ed2k distribution group, and devotes all available bandwidth to that means of distribution.

Q: Why is downloading by ed2k so slow?

A: For any number of reasons. A few of the most likely are:
I) The link is old, and there are fewer sources left, slowing things down.
II) The link is brand new, and there are a bunch of people downloading. Bandwidth will be stretched until more people complete their downloads.
III) You are running a bad or badly configured version of ed2k client software. Please access the various FAQ and help sections of the different ed2k client suppliers, to tweak your client and connection.
IV) (Re-)Sharing is rewarded with credits by other users on the ed2k network - so, the more and faster you share the more and faster you will receive needed parts for the files in your queue. If you upload too little, it can reduce your download speeds. This is especially true with new links.
V) And last but not least, it's a well-known fact that watching the client downloading actually makes it go slower. ;)

Q: I love TV4ed2k! What can I do to help?

A: Thanks, we love you too. The best way to help is to reshare. Once you finish your download, just leave it in your shared folder for as long as you can to help other people get the file, and keep the link alive.

You are a tv junkie and passionate ed2k releaser? Great, contact us at irc:// !


Q: I capped something myself - how do I get TV4ed2k to distribute it?

A: TV4ed2k focuses on scene releases, but will also help spread non-scene releases provided their quality matches up to scene standards. Low Quality files will only be added to the DB as a last resort. Contact us at irc://

Q: I downloaded a file labelled as [TV4ed2k], but I had problems with it. Why?

A: We do not ever tag our releases, nor do we encourage others to do so. Unfortunately there might be idiots out there who generate false links and put the TV4ed2k name on them. We strongly recommend only clicking on links on the TV4ed2k webpage or inside the MoTV-DB chm-file(s).

Q: How about movies, games, warez, ebooks... will you release those? Where can I get them?

A: TV4ed2k is strictly TV shows only. We have no interest in getting involved with the other areas of the scene, and you should look elsewhere for such releases.

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